Here in Connecticut, we often have extreme weather. When constructing or renovating your home, it’s important to make choices with CT weather in mind. As your Fairfield County, CT Hardie siding contractor, here are some of the top reasons we recommend this particular type of siding for all homes in the area.

It Is Designed Specifically for Our Climate

Siding is exposed to nature 24/7 for many years on end. Many materials simply aren’t up to the task. But James Hardie siding is unique because it has different siding for different climates!

In some areas, high heat and UV damage from the sun are the most important to guard against. In other areas, it’s wind, rain, hail, and cold. There are different Hardie plank products designed specifically for different climates, so when you get siding from TL, you will know that the siding was created with Connecticut weather in mind. Your siding will resist freezing temperatures, snow, ice, moisture, hurricanes, salty coastal air, and more.

It’s Excellent for Historic Homes

As one of the earliest states to be settled in America, New England is full of beautiful historic houses ranging from Colonial to Victorian times. Do you own a historic home with siding that has seen better days? When it comes to historic architecture, not just any siding will do if you want to preserve the integrity of the original design. Cheap siding will look cheap on a historic home.
Originally, your house probably had real wood siding, which may have warped or rotted over time. But James Hardie siding installation will bring the historic appeal back to life! Not only will it never warp or rot, but it has realistic wood grain texture to match the original appeal of your home. 

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It’s Extremely Customizable

If your home has a unique look to it, if it has lots of trim, or if it features decorative siding styles, you may be searching for a siding brand that is up to the task. Thankfully, James Hardie products will provide you with all the panels, boards, and trims you need to create a beautiful custom look. Hardie shingle siding, vertical siding, trim and fascia, soffits, and artisan siding are all available from James Hardie.
With a remodel or new-construction home, you have the ability to create any look you want – from Cape Cod to modern farmhouse and everything in between. And with an ornate historic home, you can maintain the same look with durable new materials.

It Is Sustainable

Green, eco-friendly practices and materials are the way of the future, and James Hardie siding is well-known for its sustainability. That’s because it is made from fiber cement, which is crafted from natural and sustainable materials: cement, cellulose fiber, and sand. It is also extremely long-lasting, even in harsh climates, so it won’t need to be replaced for decades to come. It is as durable as brick or stone.

It Stands Up to Pests

Woodpeckers are a beautiful bird, but they’ll cause havoc to wood siding. Insects and other pests also won’t stand a chance if they want to eat your James Hardie siding. They may try, but they can’t succeed! As a result, your fiber cement siding will continue to provide excellent value even when pests try to attack.

The Color Will Last for Many Years

Wood siding must be scraped and repainted every so often. Vinyl siding can get badly damaged with impact, and some cheaper varieties will fade in the sun over time. But James Hardie siding literally has the color baked into the planks! You choose the paint color and they apply it in the factory, using a method that makes the pain very resistant to the elements. It will remain vibrant for at least 12-15 years, if not more.

It Is Safe in Emergencies

In CT, we deal with severe thunderstorms, snowstorms, hurricanes and sometimes even tornadoes. Since James Hardie siding is as strong as brick or stone, it can stand up to these elements and keep your home protected from the outside in. Most notably, Hardie siding will not burn in a fire like wood siding, and it won’t melt like vinyl siding… it will remain intact. Some insurance providers actually provide a discount for those with James Hardie siding due to its extreme durability and safety.

It Has Exceptional Warranty Options

Your Hardie siding contractor will let you know about the warranty options available to you. In general, it comes with a 30-year transferable product warranty (which is a great selling point if you ever sell your house!) as well as a 15-year finish warranty that will cover paint and labor costs in the event that it would need to be repainted. This can give you peace of mind for years to come.

It’s A Selling Point

Whether you plan to sell your home in the next few years or not, it’s always a good idea to keep your home’s value in mind. When advertising your home to sell, you can mention the durability and excellent warranty to homebuyers. Plus, it will improve your curb appeal to make it easier to sell your home! Even if you plan to remain in your home for the long haul, you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your home’s value will remain intact.

Your James Hardie Siding Installer in Fairfield County, CT

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