Despite being a must-have for today’s modern home, decks date back over 50 years ago. Over the decades, decks have been used as places for holding family dinners, relaxing, and setting barbecues.

The decrease in natural wood for building decks has resulted in the creation of man-made decking materials. The decking industry has also diversified, giving you a variety of deck designs to choose from.

Creative Deck Designs

Looking to make your home a bit more enjoyable? Adding a beautiful deck might be just the addition you need. Here are 9 creative deck designs to consider.

1.    Dining Deck

Building a dining deck helps you recreate your dining area, only that in this case, it gives you the view of your backdrop. When planning this deck style, consider fitting a dining table where your family and friends will fit comfortably during dinner.

With this style, you have the freedom to maximize your space by including a sink, coolers, and a cooking station. Enhance the look of your dining deck by hanging lanterns or string lights during festive seasons.

2.    Detached Deck

This type of deck is standalone and adaptable to your worst imaginable terrains such as poorly drained, rocky, and bumpy areas. You can place it any place you like on your property, provided that it’s easily accessible via steps or paths.

3.    Curved Deck

Building different types of decks requires creativity, and the curved deck is no exception. It balances the various shapes of your home, giving it a contrasting yet welcoming feel. Include a concrete wall to help in wind-breaking and add comfort to the deck.

4.    Attached Deck

This is another one of the many different types of decks that you can build in your home. It looks more like a patio, save for the wood composite decking materials used to build it. Build this deck if you have a U-shaped or L-shaped house.

5.    Multi-Level Deck

These types of decks are the solution if your property is large or has uneven elevation. If your terrain is rocky or hilly, consider building a multilevel deck instead of wasting time and resources to build a concrete patio.

6.    Garden Path Deck

Build this type of deck to emphasize your property landscaping and garden. The deck winds through your landscape with various sitting positions where visitors can relax.

7.    Small Deck with Patio

If you have a small space and want to build a deck, consider trying this deck style. It combines a small deck with the patio to fit in a mini backyard.

8.    Side-Yard Deck

Build this deck to utilize your side yard if you’ve no other use for it. Change the space into a lounging space when coming from the bedroom, kitchen, or dining area.

Consider taking the bold step and installing a hot tub in the small side-yard deck of your bedroom. Enhance the relaxing mood by adding music.

9.    Playground Deck

These types of decks are most suitable for families with kids. Give your kids a good time by turning the deck into a playhouse. Be creative on this and include playing stuff that your kids love.

Apply Creativity to Improve Your Home

Your property terrain doesn’t have to look plain boring. With so many deck designs to choose from, you only need a little creativity to build a deck that matches the style of your property.

If you require help building a deck or any home improvement services, don’t hesitate to contact us for inquiries.

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