An Introduction to Gutters in Connecticut

Gutters in Connecticut. They’re the forgotten hero of home protection. When they’re doing their job you probably don’t even notice them. But when they’re blocked, inadequately sized, or not there at all, your house can suffer from all sorts of problems, some very serious. So we here at TL Home Improvement LLC in Shelton Connecticut wanted to introduce you to this important technology that protects your home from everything mother nature can throw at it. If you ever have any questions, need gutter service, gutter repair or gutter installation, let us give you a free estimate. We offer excellent service, quality work and affordable prices.

Why Are Gutters in Connecticut so Important? 

Gutters in Connecticut are the last line of defense your home has against the relentless onslaught of the elements. Consider a single inch of rain. It doesn’t sound like a lot but on an average roof that translates to 1,900 gallons of water pouring off the edges.[1] If that much water isn’t captured and diverted away from you home it can do a lot of damage. These are some the biggest danger zones.[2]


Rain pouring directly off the roof can cause soil erosion around your foundation and can permeate into small cracks and imperfections in the foundation. Over time this can weaken your foundation’s structure, and since your entire house rests on top of this damage can cascade throughout your home, causing many thousands of dollars in damage.

Basement Flooding

Depending on the grade of your lawn near your foundation, water not diverted away by gutters can form large puddles which can breach flaws in your foundation and flood your basement.


Every vertical surface of your home is at risk when your gutters aren’t functioning properly. Unwrapped wood around windows and other areas can become waterlogged, which can lead to swelling and mold problems. Siding can become stained and discolored. Paint can prematurely peel and flake. Even the edges of your roof and fascia can become waterlogged and damaged.

Gutter Materials:

Gutters in Connecticut come in a variety of materials, and a range of costs and can last up to 100 years![3][4]

– Vinyl

This is the least expensive option but also the shortest lived. Vinyl doesn’t rust, but it isn’t as rigid as other materials and can bow and flex, particularly with heavy snow and ice.

– Aluminum Gutter

At TL Home Improvement this is our gutter material of choice. It has the best combination of price, strength, and lifespan. Aluminum gutters can last 25 years or more, are strong enough to stand up to heavy rains and tough Connecticut winters, and are very affordable. We use seamless aluminum gutters which is made to length on the job. No seams mean no chance of leaks.

– Steel

Steel is a strong gutter material, but it needs to be galvanized to avoid rusting. Ungalvanized steel gutter will rust in under 15 years. Galvanized will last longer but both are more expensive than aluminum.

– Zinc

This is a very strong, rust-proof material that can last 30 to 50 years when properly maintained. But zinc is considerably more expensive.

– Copper Gutter

Copper gutters are the most expensive you can buy. Properly maintained they can last up to 100 years, but this long life comes at a premium price.

Basic Maintenance

Gutters in Connecticut can last a long time and perform well their entire life as long as they are properly maintained.[5]

First and foremost, be sure to keep your gutters clean. At least once a year remove any debris from inside the gutters and the tops of your downspouts. Start at the downspout, to allow space for standing water to drain, and work back, removing material from the entire gutter length.

If cleaning your gutter is a pain you’d rather avoid, have gutter guards installed to prevent debris from ever entering your gutters in the first place. We recommend and install Englert MicroGuard gutter screens. Give us a call for a free estimate.[6] 

Check elbows. Any clogs can be cleared with a forceful spray from your garden hose.

If you find any leaks you can give us a call. We’d be happy to repair your old gutters or replace them. We service Shelton, Fairfield, Turnbull, Stratford and surrounding regions. Alternatively you can clean the gutter well, dry it, and apply silicone caulk to plug the leak.

Three Cheers for the Humble Gutter!

A well installed gutter may never make obvious the important job it’s performing but now you can see how heroic the humble gutter really is.


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